Do you need to combine different instruments together to face your daily challenges?

Are you searching for a system to interface with your TGA, FTIR and GC/MS?

Analyze the Evolved Gases (EGA) to detect elements and set up real situations directly in your lab.

We created an active system for this technique over 15 years ago, and we continue to support and improve it. The transferring and triggering process, between instruments, is done automatically by the interface.

We made the working lab experience much easier with the new E-Series. The approach is exactly the same as before, but we provide a digital controller with extra features, to conduct even more precise analysis.

The new interface combines a touchscreen panel and a user-friendly software installed and pre-configured. It is web-based and accessible by any PC and any browser.

Main features are:

Temperature Ramp

Differentiate temperatures by setting up a ramp which reduces the risk of a secondary degradation or pyrolysis for certain type of samples analyzed.

Multiple Injection with Fast GC

Fast Gas Chromatograph allows very fast separation using narrow & short GC columns.

New controllers enable multiple gas injections and separations across a single TGA experiment when events are seen. Multiple injections can be set up using GC trigger event in your TGA software or by developing a runtime program table to start the GC directly from the controller.

Read more about Fast GC and specifics on this article.

Table Run & Reports Download

Operator can set up a run and multiple injections directly on the controller module. An analysis report and the runtime program table can be also downloaded directly in your PC.

Web-Server Mode

Pages could be navigated with any browser (web connection not needed).

Stand-By Mode

Stand-by setting to switch all zones to lower temperatures when the hyphenated instrument is not in use. This preserves optics and hardwares.

Automatic Pump Shutdown

Set up pump temperature threshold activation and timing before an automatic shutdown to preserve system quality.