RedShift is pleased to announce the new Automatic System provided with a special FTIR Cell designed for the analysis of Liquid Sulfur, to help detection and measuring of residual H2S and H2Sx present in Liquid Sulfur products from petrochemical outputs.

For environmental, human health and safety reasons it is important to follow right procedures for the industrial sulfur degassing. Sometimes resulting products may contain an amount of dangerous polymeric sulfur for that it becomes necessary to monitor the amount of H2S and H2Sx in Liquid Sulfur to avoid problems in storage, shipping and handling of the liquid and solid products.

This system can be used both for raw sulphur and degassed products, to evaluate the effectiveness of the degassing system.

RedShit Cell has been designed with these targets:

  • easily control and set temperature,
  • small shape to fit all the most known spectrometers,
  • robust and easy-to-use and move,
  • fast analysis time,
  • high accuracy and repeatibility of the analysis.

The cell is heatable up to 180°C (sulfur melting point is approximately 115°C), temperature can be controlled and changed on a separate control unit. Sample compartment has a maximum volume capacity of 55ml and it is well isolated and provided with an handle that allows safer movement of the cell from the heating pedestal to the cell housing in the FTIR. The system is simple to operate as it is a low voltage device.

Discover all the features related to the FTIR Cell for the analysis of Liquid Sulphur on the product page. For more information Contact us!