RedShift TD Tube Conditioner Phoenix T220 is an automated heating system designed to clean desorption tubes up to 400°C.

Breathing air samples to analyze could comes directly in sorbents tubes avoiding time-consuming and manual sample preparations.

In favor of an easy, low-cost and automated approach without solvent interferences during the analysis with thermal desorbent (TD) instrument, sorbent tubes can be re-used more times considerably reducing the costs of acquiring new ones, but they always need to be cleaned with high temperatures to avoid imperfections and previous sampling traces that could compromise the entire next sampling and analysis.

RedShift created the ideal solution to get the best results! With Phoenix T220 save time and money having re-conditioned sorbent tubes readily available and continue to run new samples with your free instrument.

The system is capable to purging up to 20 tubes using an external supplied clean gas stream at the flow rate determined by the internal pressure regulator. Every program is composed by four heating ramps and four temperature plateau. Clean gas flows only to the oven that contains TD tubes without wasting purge gas.




Reduce tubes contamination risks by eliminating exhaust gases through the top of the oven placed under an external aspiration hood. High temperature process removes also water excess collected during sampling, by avoiding adverse effects in the next analytical analysis.

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