We developed a new solution to handle and evaluate raw and processed materials, standardizing long and repetitive operations with automation and robotics.

Sipper, the heatable liquid handling device provided with an autosampler and interfaced with your FTIR spectrometer allows to easy conduct reliable and repeatable analysis. The system can be configured with heating technology to decrease viscosity of liquids or with a cooling system to lower the sampling temperature to a defined standard.

5 good reasons to choose it for your Lab:

  1. automate and speed up long and tedious processes,
  2. configure a sequence up to 20 samples with different methods,
  3. heate or cool vial samples at different temperatures with the same sampling sequence,
  4. run analysis with solvent’s dilution that you could not use before as highly volatile and toxic, placing your instruments under a closed hood,
  5. washing and drying all the path with easy settable methods.

You will be ready to analyze:

  • FAMEs in Biodiesel, ethanol and conduct researches easily also following regulations illustrated in DIN EN 14078 and ASTM D7371-07.
  • Pharmaceutical products,
  • Food & Beverage goods (for example: wine, liqueurs, beers and other alcoholic products. Starting compounds and concentrates for the determination of acidic, sugary, alcoholic and aromatic components.
  • Research & Development of new mixtures.

Sipper and Autosampler has been designed following also 21 CFR part 11. To learn more about this device, please visit the related webpage.