The high demand of samples to be analyzed everyday in the petrochemical industry laboratories require increased analysis speed. Moreover, physical distillation methods are time consuming procedures, requiring a high level of skills by the operator.

RedShift Climachrom is a subambient cooling device for Gas Chromatography (GC). This device takes your GC up to -20°C in few time!

It allows Simulated Distillation analysis (SimDist) of crude oils, petroleum products and its derivates with a fast determination of boiling point distribution of petroleum fractions and others by GC separation with your instrument. SimDist is also used as alternative to time consuming and labor intensive physical distillations, allowing faster and reliable analysis.

Climachrom is an easy-to-use solution which enables highly accurate, reproducible and fast analysis following methods of ASTM D2887, D6352, D7500 and other international standards that can be applied easily. It can be couple also with Fast Gas Chromatography (Fast GC) to enhance speed compared to conventional GC procedures.


Climachrom device includes a refrigerator compressor filled with R404 refrigerant gas mixture with zero impact on Ozone. It is provided with safety valve (28bar) and safety measures. The evaporator grid needs to be installed inside the GC oven, provided also with a special GC capillary column for lower temperatures (for example: 5mt x ID 0.53mm x 0.15um, ZB-1XT SimDist temp. limits are min -50°C max + 450°C).

Climachrom is able to run continuously reaching -20°C inside the GC in few seconds providing reliable and repeatable analysis, given the specific parameters of each method.

Couple Climachrom 2000 with the New Hyphenation Digital Controller for EGA!

Climachrom can be paired with the Hyphenated Technologies instruments to acquire Evolved Gas Analysis and to give new results from each samples!

TG-IR-GCMS interfaces equipped with our new Digital Controller can manage multiple injections with a Fast GC. With Climachrom you are able to reach lower temperatures with your GC in very few minutes, catching compounds and elements your are not able to see with traditional techniques and balanced flow interfaces. Switch to Digital!

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