The system couples a TGA with an FTIR and a GC/MS instruments. TG-IR-GCMS/MS is one of the most powerful approach to EGA, to reach extra information easier and faster! This configuration is capable of analysis of unknown mixture to determine the primary components and identify additives or contaminants.

The evolved gases generated from the sample analyzed in the TGA furnace are transferred through the interface into the IR cell for the spectral analysis, then the gas passes to GC for separation and into the MS for final detection and identification of peaks.
Evolved gases can also pass directly to the MS without the GC separation.

GCMS injection block design avoids capillary cloggings, carry over and cold spots that could compromise the analysis. The system allows real-time analysis thanks to the GC instrument which can separate and detect very low levels of material in complex and unknown mixtures.



  • Transfer line with easily replaceable Silcosteel inner-liner which can be heated up to 350°C.
  • IR gas cell heated up to 350°C equipped with KBr windows. The cell is based on the Zero Gravity principle, it has 100mm optical path and 11ml of internal volume.
  • TGA Adapter or cutomized adapter for your specific needs.
  • Electronic controller to manage temperature and flow, with Mass Flow controller EGA system for evolved gas aspiration, filtration and thermal stabilization (maximum flow rate 200 ml/min).
  • Injection Block installed in a separate small oven on the top of the GC, heatable up to 350°C.
  • A unique pre-heated carrier gas system prevent the sample quench inside the injection loop.


  • Self-supported TL for more reliable results
  • TL with replaceable inner liner
  • Handy and safe TL outside tube
  • Stable high temperature across the path
  • IR cell with low resident time
  • GC techniques improve separation
  • High level of detection with GCMS
  • Quantitative and qualitative output analysis
  • No overlapping events thanks to GC and MS combination
  • Easy to clean with no condensation and dirty gas deposit
  • Non-destructive on vapor

Automatic exchange from TG-IR-GCMS separation mode and TGA-IR-MS time base monitoring mode.

TGA-IR-GCMS separation mode: in order to prevent carry over, the sample gas is introduced in the injection block only during the injection sequence (loop wash, loop load, GC column injection).

TGA-IR-MS time base mode: sample gas is introduced into the injection block only during TGA analysis run (source isolation from environmental oxygen). The analysis time is selectable and the segmented sampling mode is also possible. EGA goes directly to the MS detector taking advantage of the selectivity of ions.

High Temperature

Heated TL

ZG IR Cell

GCMS valves


The TG-IR system is ideally suited for applications you need to identify materials evolved on heating like:

  • Quality control, QA & QC,
  • Study of polymers, plastics, plasticizers and rubbers,
  • Additives, contaminants and residual solvents in pharmaceuticals,
  • Safety and product development,
  • Reverse engineering and competitor’s product testing,
  • Nanotubes, nanoparticles, nanotechnology research,
  • Microplastics detection,
  • Food & beverage composition and safety, pesticides presence,
  • Identification of environmental pollution and contaminants,
  • Study of material safety and toxicity.