TG-IR Interface is the most popular model of EGA and one of our bestseller interface. The system couples a TGA (Thermo-Gravimetrical Analyzer) with an FTIR instrument.

The evolved gases generated in the TGA are transferred through the interface transfer line into the FTIR spectrometer where components can be easily identified allowing greater understanding of the processes seen in the TGA with no overlapping peaks and accumulation of heavy compounds in the IR cell. TGA gas stream is stabilized in temperature, flow and pressure, determining FTIR resolved peaks and spectra that can be identified with a library search in a gas spectral library.

RedShift TG-IR Balanced Flow Interface can be connected between various FTIR and TGA from any Analytical Brands. If you need further information about this configuration, please contact us!



  • Transfer line with easily replaceable Silcosteel inner-liner which can be heated up to 350°C.
  • IR gas cell heated up to 350°C equipped with KBr windows. The cell is based on the Zero Gravity principle, it has 100mm optical path and 11ml of internal volume.
  • TGA Adapter or cutomized adapter for your specific needs.
  • Electronic controller to manage temperature and flow, with Mass Flow controller EGA system for evolved gas aspiration, filtration and thermal stabilization (maximum flow rate 200 ml/min).


  • Easy to set up and play (no need of IR cell alignment)
  • Self-supported TL for more reliable results
  • TL with replaceable inner liner
  • Handy and safe TL outside tube
  • IR cell with low resident time
  • Easy to clean with no condensation and dirty gas deposit
  • Non-destructive on vapor

High Temperature

Heated TL

ZG IR Cell


The TG-IR system is ideally suited for applications you need to identify materials evolved on heating like:

  • Study of polymers, plastics and rubbers,
  • Residual solvents in pharmaceuticals,
  • Identification of environmental pollution and contaminants,
  • Study of material safety and toxicity.