Oxygen is the most abundant element by mass on Earth and the third most abundant element in the universe after Hydrogen and Helium.

Every time a living organism inhale air uptake more than O2. Air is composed by different gases…

Lower or higher amount of O2 inhaled can cause bad health effects, this can happen for example with breathable gas tanks for divers. If Oxygen is not well mixed, health effects may vary from weakness, nausea or short breath to severe symptoms like loss of consciousness, cardiac arrhythmias, etc. This situations carried to the extreme can cause irreparable damages to health, including death.

Inside gas tanks like in the air, there can be also contaminants: CO, CO2, volatile hydrocarbons, condensed oils, dust and other micro-particles. Some of them may not cause direct symptoms, but continuous exposure to faulty breathable air or gas could damage health and the equipment, increasing risks for accident or injury.

For all these delicate reasons, breathable gas analysis is required in many industries and applications:

  • Gas breathed by divers,
  • Gas breathable by pilots in flight,
  • Aerospace,
  • Medical purposes,
  • Chemicals,
  • Water-treatment,
  • Metal-working.

Recognize easily, keeping the system clean and efficient.

Oxyred Breathable Gas Analyzer can help to ensure the breathable quality of compressed gases by checking pureness and other elements and compounds. The system is customizable with an appropriate Long Path Cell or Short Path Cell (Permanent or Variable Path), or also a double cells system to analyse different percentage, ppm, ppb.

RedShift system helps you to verify the right amount of good gases for your operators.

Main features:

  • highest accuracy for O2 analysis (system provided with Oxygen sensor),
  • Fast response and digital readout,
  • Compact design,
  • Stand-alone Software with touchscreen display,
  • Minimum maintenance routine.

Oxyred can be interfaced with any FTIR instrument, automating gas analysis and speeding up processes.