RedShift – Collaborative Robot for Filter Conditioning & Weighing System

Revolutionizing Environmental Analysis

Fully Automated System for the conditioning, stabilization and weighing of filters for gravimetric analysis of particulate matter in the air and suspended solids in the water.

Ambient Air Filtration PM10 – PM2.5 Measurements according to:

UNI EN 12341:2014

Gravimetric reference method for the determination of gravimetric mass concentration of suspended particulate matter PM10 or PM2.5.

Conditioning at temperature (20° C ± 1) and humidity (50 ± 5%).

Water Filtration Measurements according to:

APAT CNR IRSA 2090B Man 29 2003 ( Total solids suspended in water filtered and heated to 105°C and stabilized to 20°C. )

ASTM D5907 − 18 Standard Test Methods for Nonfilterable Matter (Total Suspended Solids) in Water.

USGS National Water Quality Laboratory I-3765 ( Solids, residue at 105°C, suspended, gravimetric. )


  • Filter Number
  • Filter typology
  • Software & Communications with other systems.

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